Fresenius-Kabi - Lactulose


API and finished product

From start to finish
The advantage of having production and filling line side by side is that we can produce Lactulose finished product directly after bulk production of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API).
Together with our on-demand manufacturing logistics, this enables us to deliver Lactulose with the maximum possible shelf life to our customers all over the world.


Top quality 
We implement highest quality standards for all our products in order to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

• GMP approval in accordance with US & European guidelines

• Products and plants approved by different regulatory authorities (e.g. US FDA, ANVISA, KFDA)

• 45 years of experience in manufacturing and worldwide distribution of Lactulose


For detailed information on Lactulose, please download our Lactulose API brochure (1.6 MB pdf) or contact us at